Custom Appearance with Modular Versatility

Panelflo’s modular architecture provides design possibilities too numerous to count! Create a unique exhibit tailored to your business using our modular components.

Virtually thousands of displays are possible simply by rearranging panels, substituting components and selecting from the hundreds of color and finish options.

The result is a one-of-a-kind display system created specifically for your needs.

Panelflo Connecting System

Panelflo Connection System Demo Video
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We call it the slide-clip connecting system, and it is the reason Panelflo has been so successful. The concealed slide-clip is molded from high strength polycarbonate resin. These unique connectors slide easily together, interlocking to securely connect one modular component with another. The aluminum channel hides the slide-clip connection giving the appearance of a permanent seamless custom display. The beauty is in its simplicity. There are no lose parts to misplace and no tools required!

Panelflo Versatility

Panelflo provides the flexibility to adapt to various shows. Panelflo’s modular architecture enables you to easily create smaller displays from one large exhibit. And, as your business grows, you can easily expand your exhibit by repositioning and selecting additional components suited to your new requirements. This versatility maximizes your display investment, freshens the look, and maintains a recognizable show-to-show presentation.

Panelflo Set-Up

Panelflo exhibits are extremely easy to set up, dissassemble, pack and ship. To set up a Panelflo display, simply slide the panel and corner components together creating the desired configuration. That’s it! Just one lightweight component at a time. Panelflo components pack tightly into durable molded shipping cases. Transportation is more cost-effective and handling is made easy.

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